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chell, portal, Cosplay, aperture, video game

July 2013



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Jul. 10th, 2013

chell, portal, Cosplay, aperture, video game

Song based Drabbles-AVENGERS

These are drabbles based on songs-not songfics. The challenge is set your playlist to shuffle and you have the length of the song to write the fanfic. We also selected characters randomly that the drabble had to be about. NO SLASH, slight BlackHawk. Some happy, some sad. Most introspective.

Song: Rain
Character: Bruce Banner
Bruce opened his eyes, the dripping rain waking him. The first thing he noticed was the destruction. So he’d “Hulked”. Second, he noticed he was alone. At least no one was around at the time. He went to sit up, but his arms wouldn’t cooperate. He was seemingly paralyzed. In fact, he couldn’t feel his legs either. Crap. He was just starting to panic, afraid of changing again, when Captain Rogers appeared to his rescue.

Song: I Want You – Savage Garden
Character: Clint Barton
Clint watched as Natasha came out in her brand new S.H.I.E.L.D. outfit. It hugged her body perfectly. It was their first mission alone together after training together for years. He noticed as they fought that he kept a little closer than usual, at nights, he opted to share quarters. Suddenly, she was more than a fellow assassin/spy. She was Natasha. She was his Tasha. Every inch of her he wanted…to protect, of course. Protect from everything a women of her youthfulness might be subject to. And if she asked, he always just said, “’Cause you’re mine.”

Song: I’ll Make a Man Out of You – Mulan
Character: Thor
Lady Sif walked away frustrated from Odin’s throne room. He had, again, denied her request to join his army. She knew she was capable, but all Odin saw was a young Maiden.
Thor, who was not paying attention to where he was going, ran straight into her. In her anger, she kind of maybe attacked and flipped Thor, the heir to Asgard, leader of the armies, over her shoulder. Oops.
It was then that Thor saw she was suited for war. He gave her a chance, trained her and took her under his wing. Months later, he had her spar with him in front of the All Father to prove her worth as a warrior.

Song: Wanted Dead or Alive – Bon Jovi
Character: Steve Rogers
Steve woke suddenly to the bombs detonating less than a mile from their camp. He barely slept as it was anyway, not that he needed it. He woke his troop, moving them 30 miles east. It was a known fact that if you served under Captain America, THE Captain, your chances of being KIA were doubled. As soon as the Nazis and Hydra discovered him and his success, he was constantly being sought after. They wanted him, dead or alive. Dead to stop the allies from their almost guaranteed victory. Alive to discover the secrets of the serum.

Song: Fireflies – Owl City
Character: Natasha Romanoff
Little Natasha, back in Russia, stared at the skies, thousands of fireflies leaving her in awe. Blinking and peaceful. Peaceful. He daddy picked her up and together they caught the bugs in a jar. Years later, Natalie Rushman, working (under cover) for Tony Stark, walked in, under direction of JARVIS, on Tony gasping in his sleep, the palladium torturing him worse when he slept. His arc reactor blinked slowly as she injected him with the temporary cure. As she waited, she watched the reactor fade in and out. It reminded her of a firefly. Russia. Home. Dad. She sat for a while, watching as Stark eased back into a restful sleep as his reactor brightened.


Song: Mad World
Character: Tony Stark
Tony took another shot of tequila. His birthday. No one celebrating him, his birth. Celebrating alcohol. Money. The Iron Savior. No one cared about Tony. No one cared who was inside the suit. Pepper was the only one who acted like she cared. And all he did was upset her. Rhodie… Rhodie kind of cared, but he was always angry, too. Tony took another shot. Drown his sorrows. He was dying anyway. So screw it. Everything would be better anyway. The room spun with laughter. Tony drowned and died.


Song: Nothing I Won’t Give – Vic Mignogna
Character: Thor
Thor watched Loki’s trial from the sidelines. He couldn't bear the thought of his brother being this…monster. The sentence was cast, exile. Thor couldn't take it. “No!” He shouted.
“Please, imprisonment, here. His home. He is still your son. Still my brother.” Thor pleaded, locking sad eyes with scared.
“Exile. My word is final.” Odin knocked his scepter twice, sealing Loki’s fate.


Song: Queen of Spades – Styx
Character: Natasha Romanoff
Natasha walked into the gallery like she owned the place. “Kill the director.” That was her mission. Simple.
Beautiful black dress, dark red lips, her signature. Seduce him. Get him alone. Kill. She wasn’t called the Black Widow for nothing.
She found him almost immediately. Seducing him was stupidly easy. It always is. Rich men are idiots, she had learned long ago. She sneaks upstairs with him, his hands all over her body. She’s calloused to it by now, but still plays the part perfectly. Once alone, he pours two glasses of champagne. She giggles, pulling him close. A kiss, hard. His hand goes up her thigh, her hand on top, subtly guiding him away from the knife strapped to her leg. She seamlessly slides the knife out without him noticing, and before the kiss is broken, he’s dead. They don’t call her the Black Widow for nothing.


Song: Behind Blue Eyes – The Who
Character: Clint Barton
Agent Clint Barton had never been compromised in his entire career. Until now. Until Loki. He was suddenly the bad guy. He was the one they were fighting. He was the one they were defending from. And it was all because of Loki. They may be avenging Agent Coulson’s death, but he is getting revenge for what Loki did to him personally. And for what he did to Natasha. No one, not even Natasha, knew what it was like. He was fully aware of what he was doing. That’s what he hated most. Knowing and not caring. Following orders. He was always good at that. No one knew what it was like.

Song: Carry On My Wayward Son – Kansas
Character: Tony Stark
Tony had just finished the movie reel of his father telling him he was his greatest creation. For the fifth time. The only time his dad praised him. His whole life. Tony had certainly risen up. He was brilliant. But he was mad. He didn’t see himself so much “carrying on” his father’s work so much as trying to outdo him. Show him up. After this, after knowing what he was meant to do... Even after meeting the Super Soldier, the man his father valued above him, he didn’t know where to go. Carry on his father’s legacy? Make his own name, distinct from his fathers? Tony watched the reel again.

Song: I Hope You Had the Time of Your Life – Green Day
Character: Steve Rogers
Steve sat on the couch in his new apartment. S.H.I.E.L.D. had provided it for him when he awoke. Simple, homey. He didn’t know what to do. So he thought. He thought about his childhood. His mother’s home cooking. School. He hated school. He’d give his left arm to be back. He thought about college, trying to get into the Army. Actually getting into the army. The serum. Hydra. He thought about all the battles, all the lives. He thought especially about Bucky. And Peggy. Peggy. He cried. Happy and sad tears, he cried.


Song: Wake Me Up When September Ends – Green Day
Character: Bruce Banner
Bruce lost his innocence probably the moment he first signed on to work on the Super Soldier serum. It was this selfish desire to be better that was his downfall. Now, instead of helping and protecting, he was killing and destroying. He should have known. Nothing ever worked out for him. He knew that. And he just wanted it to be over. Every time he “Hulked” his mind went to rest. He couldn’t bear to watch. And then he would wake up when the destruction had ended only to try and not save, but recompense. Repent. Fix the mistakes, like always. He wanted this to end. He didn’t want to wake up.


Song: Kryptonite
Character: Bruce Banner
If Bruce went crazy, for good, if he “Hulked out” and never turned back to Bruce, he wondered how people would react. If Tony would still help. He told him he like The Other Guy, but Bruce knew that was just Tony being Tony. No one “liked” The Hulk. Feared, yes. Hated? He knew he did. Tony didn’t so much fear and hate Hulk as respected and was interested in the Hulk. His thoughts, instincts, DNA makeup. Tony. Tony was the “Hulk’s Kryptonite”. He was what made Hulk more human, less animal. More aware, more…gentle—in a Hulk kind of way—less destructive.


Song: Sing for the Day – Styx
Character: Steve Rogers
Steve walked into the nursing home with a bouquet of flowers. The nurse pointed out the elderly woman on a couch in a corner. He’d called ahead, but was still as nervous as when he’d first met Agent Peggy Carter. He walked up next to her and cleared his throat. “Ms.…Peg…uh, Agent Carter.” She looked up, eyes wide. Suddenly tears.
“I…I’m here for that dance now. If you’ll still have it.” He choked.
She smiled, eyes glistening. “You’re terribly late, Captain Rogers.” Her British accent as beautiful and delicate as ever. She took his hand and stood, holding tight. They slow danced to her humming. And for a moment -- time was irrelevant.


Song: Creation of Man
Character: Clint Barton
Natasha gawked. Actually gawked when Hawkeye came out in his new uniform. Purple. And…Flashy.
“What the he-“
“It grand and elaborate!” Clint spun, quickly landing into a sniper pose. “And functional.”
“It’s… ridiculous.” She laughed, for the first time since Clint had met her. And that made this outfit worth it.
“Well, it made you smile. So it can’t be too terrible.” He winked. She threw a shoe at him, but continued laughing.


Song: Boulevard of Broken Dreams – Green Day
Character: Thor
Thor walked up gallantly to his hammer, Mjolnir. It was a battle to get to, but alas, the short, proud walk between the last guard to his weapon, his Soul. He was the only one there. No one to stop him. He reached, grasping the familiar handle, waiting to feel his power return. Nothing. NOTHING. His heart screamed. Screamed to Odin, to the All Father. WHY? Was his crime so bad he had his heart, soul, life torn from him? Laid within arms’ reach and yet so far away. He was indeed alone. Odin could not hear him. Could not see him. He was truly alone.


Song: Voodoo
Character: Tony Stark
Palladium poisoning sucked. Not the symptoms (those sucked too), but the fact of the matter. Tony’s body was poisoning itself. The thing saving him, also pumping its venom through his veins. A curse. He'd suffer to live, live to suffer. Though not much longer at this rate. He was dying. Again. And nothing he was doing was going to save him.


Song: I’m No Superman
Character: Natasha Romanoff
Natasha went to her orientation debriefing at S.H.I.E.L.D. She sat next to a guy, Barton. Archer. Director Fury explained what would be expected of them. It was crazy. Aliens? Super humans? Magic? Unknown sciences? Killing armies, spying on world leaders, fighting mind control, nukes, and the “unexplained”. It was all so overwhelming. Archer next to her spoke up, “Wait what? I’m no superman…”
She immediately liked him. She’d have to fix that.

May. 1st, 2013

chell, portal, Cosplay, aperture, video game

Supernatural Fanfiction~

Hello~ I am currently thinking about writing a very long Supernatural fanfiction. The summary will follow, but be warned, There Be SPOILERS Below. *Season 8*

So I want to do an Alternate Universe Fic where Dean has to go through with the trials instead of Sam. This would be long and follow the episodes where changes are necessary. As well as some side stuff, of course. I'd like to be able to update it as I go through the last two of the season, but we'll see. Also, it will almost definitely have to diverge from the show more than it already is. I'm sure that some point of it having to be Sam will pop up that I won't be able to apply to Dean. But it will be fun while I can.

Mar. 28th, 2013

retro, vintage, snow


I've done a lot since the last post!

I have finished my Erika (Durarara!!!) cosplay
I have finished vernanonix's Tsukasa (.Hack//Sign) cosplay
I have (mostly) finished my Chell (Portal) cosplay - just have a few cargo pockets to add, redo the collar smaller, and distress it
I have finished (mostly) vernanonix's Team Plasma (Pokemon) cosplay - need to redo the gloves (*need to learn how to do gloves properly*)

All of these can be found on my cosplay.com page, same name, http://www.cosplay.com/member/186527/ or on vern's page, http://www.cosplay.com/member/320888/.

So what's in the plans for the future?
For AWA 2013, I am making Mayuri Shiina from Steins;Gate

And for the ball, I have designed and will make a formal dress that I find fitting for Makise Kurisu (also from Steins;Gate) and will wear with my wig. I don't have a picture of the dress to upload yet, but here is the character for reference.
Kurisu (sorry for the big pic ^^; I'm no good at this)

Anyways. It just wouldn't do for Kurisu to go to a Ball without Okabe (even though OkabexMayuri is my OTP), so of course vernanonix is going to be my Okabe. He will be Ruka's date-Okabe. In the grey suit and such. I've been dreaming about this for months! I can't wait~! *fangirl squee*

Aside from Okabe, vern is also creating a human version of Galvantula (I can't spell. The pokemon spider) that I am helping with and possibly Haku from Naruto if time (and money) permits. We are both leaving for college this fall. (me to finish a bachelors in Fashion design *XP* and him his Masters in Mathematics.) Time and money are both getting shorter by the day x_x But we shall persevere. So anyways. Check out our cosplay.com page. And I'll try to update more often (more for my own records/organization, but hey, if someone reads, yay!)

Jan. 5th, 2012

chell, portal, Cosplay, aperture, video game

(no subject)

Bought this today!
ought this today at Corset-story.com for a costume I'm doing for MomoCon this year. I've decided I'm definitely doing a Celtic Faerie for St. Patrick's Day. This is the 'foundation' of that costume, if you will. Obviously I will need to get other things to go with it, but very first I want to see the dress in person. I also got 3 crinoline skirts, buy 2 get one free, including a green one.... not that I'll need it with this, in retrospect, but I still have other costumey plans in the works. I guess next I'll need matching shoes, possibly wings(?) and a wig for sure. I'm so excited about this one!!!! St. Patrick's Day is my favourite~

Nov. 2nd, 2011

chell, portal, Cosplay, aperture, video game

Up Waaaay too late >

Yep. It's 3 AM and I'm still up. Nothing to do tomorrow until 4:30, but still. Blah. Feel like I should update, but have nothing to really add here.... No fanfics being worked on, still can't draw....

Oh, sewing projects. I am working on a costume for my bf, Tsukasa from .Hack and have plans/materials for a Codex cosplay from The Guild/Do You Want To Date My Avatar video. We are going to Momocon in March, but they aren't likely to be finished by then... maybe for MTAC, but probably not until AWA in September. Still need other things to work on, particularly for Momocon. 

Actually, since Momocon is over St. Patrick's Day next year, I really want to do a Celtic/Irish themed Faerie. Just need to design it properly. I should get to work on that soon. Still need other ideas, though. My bucket list isn't being too helpful, at the moment. 

Welllll, in other news, I am working towards getting into Nursing School and MAY actually be able to go off to school finally. Which is somewhat bittersweet, as leaving my friends/bf behind would suck, but at the same time, going away would be awesome. But it's too late at night to figure this out >< 

And oh, hey. Just realized, the last time I mentioned anything on here, I was still dating my ex. So nope. We broke up... in March >.> and Now I'm with my best friend of 6 years and are celebrating our  6 month-iversary today! :D So yeah. Happy changes. 

Aug. 13th, 2011

chell, portal, Cosplay, aperture, video game

25 Ways Marshall and Lily Came to Be, a how i met your mother fanfic - FanFiction.Net

This fanfic sorta reminds me of me and my boyfriend, so I wanted to have it saved somewhere a little more "special" than just the favs on ff.net. <3


Jun. 21st, 2011

chell, portal, Cosplay, aperture, video game

Cosplay Bucket List -Continued

 So I came up with one more that I'd like to do... well I guess two more, really, soooo:

6.) Sailor Mercury - Sailor moon

7.) Sailor Saturn - Sailor Moon

Sailor Saturn I've already done once before, but it was very poorly done. Hand-sewn overnight with very impractical materials... All things considered it turned out alright I guess. I'll post a picture if I can ever find one... :/

Jun. 15th, 2011

chell, portal, Cosplay, aperture, video game

Cosplay Bucket List

 Deciding to officially post my Cosplay Bucket List :D

1:) Haruhi Fujioka - Ouran High School Host Club (planned for Anime Weekend Atlanta 2011)

2.) Hungary - Axis-Powers Hetalia
Either Military:

Or in the Dress...haven't decided which:

3.) Belarus - Axis-Powers Hetalia

4.) Hakkai - Saiyuki (The only Male on my list, at the moment)

5.) Chell - Portal

Annnnnd that's it for now. I'll probably come back and edit this post if/when I add more to the list. I figured 5 was a good number to start with and I'll work my way up from there.

Dec. 1st, 2010

chell, portal, Cosplay, aperture, video game

New Supernatural Episode

*Spoilers for Clap Your Hands If You Believe*
So this is more or less going to be a reaction to this episode. Starting kind of late, because I decided halfway through that it was funny enough to post about.

XDD I had to post about this episode just because Dean microwaved Tinker Bell. I mean really? It was so funny, XD

Dean was abducted by fairies... and Sam's soullessness has just reached a new level of hilarity. And he reminds me a lot of Castiel. Fairies love cream. "Do you have bigger cups?" XD

Dude, the Impala was missing the side mirrors.... XDDDDDDDDDDDD Watch making fairies? Really? 

Annnnnnnnnnnnnd I got distracted by the rest of the episode. All in all it was good, though. Very much like it was going back to the earlier seasons. Huge props to Sera Gamble. :D

Nov. 18th, 2010

chell, portal, Cosplay, aperture, video game


ITS HERE ITS HERE ITS HERE ITS HERE!!!! The FIRST PART of The Deathly Hallows is FINALLY coming out TONIGHT!!! YAY!!! Midnight premier!!!~~~ <3

Buuuuuuuuuuuuut I'll be late for the party, which sucks, because I was stupid enough to forget to request the night off from work and I have to close... >< BUT I'll still be there in plenty of time to watch the movie. So YAY!

On a slightly side note, I hope my boyfriend is feeling better by tonight. He has a sore throat and all that good stuff and I don't want him to have to stay home. He's not all that into Harry Potter anyways, so he doesn't care about missing the premier, but I don't want him sitting at home sick while I'm out. Plus I paid for his ticket. Maybe he'll just sleep through the movie. XP


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